Google and Levi’s Creating Intelligent Clothing

What if your jeans turned techy with the ability to transmit, connect, and sense your surroundings. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group are putting a lot of creativity into techno-smart clothing.

Google, the Internet giant and Levi’s, the iconic clothing manufacturer are working together on the creation of a special fiber that ultimately becomes intelligent clothing.

The companies have entered into an agreement to make garments with a special fiber, similar to touch screen capabilities.

The Jacquard Project, a team working within Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) have developed a common interactive thread. “It’s touch fabric, composed of a network of conductive fibers that act as sensors, like the screens of mobile devices,”explained project leader, Ivan Poupyrev.

According to this article by Marcio Alaor BMG, wires are weaved into the fabric of the garment to create an interactive surface and the team also designed small electronic components, no bigger than a button on a jacket, which can be easily integrated into clothing.

The buttons also allow for connection of the circuits, and with a simple “touch” information is sent wirelessly.

One of the big challenges was to create an intelligent thread that could handle the obstacles of the clothes-making process, including high temperatures and multiple folding.

For now, neither company revealed details of what will be the first interactive garment, although jeans appear to be the likely candidate.

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