Google and Levi’s Creating Intelligent Clothing

What if your jeans turned techy with the ability to transmit, connect, and sense your surroundings. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group are putting a lot of creativity into techno-smart clothing.

Google, the Internet giant and Levi’s, the iconic clothing manufacturer are working together on the creation of a special fiber that ultimately becomes intelligent clothing.

The companies have entered into an agreement to make garments with a special fiber, similar to touch screen capabilities.

The Jacquard Project, a team working within Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) have developed a common interactive thread. “It’s touch fabric, composed of a network of conductive fibers that act as sensors, like the screens of mobile devices,”explained project leader, Ivan Poupyrev.

According to this article by Marcio Alaor BMG, wires are weaved into the fabric of the garment to create an interactive surface and the team also designed small electronic components, no bigger than a button on a jacket, which can be easily integrated into clothing.

The buttons also allow for connection of the circuits, and with a simple “touch” information is sent wirelessly.

One of the big challenges was to create an intelligent thread that could handle the obstacles of the clothes-making process, including high temperatures and multiple folding.

For now, neither company revealed details of what will be the first interactive garment, although jeans appear to be the likely candidate.

Commentary on an Opinion Piece: Reddit Is An Incubator Of Hate

Recently a Buzzfeed writer released an article that is titled “Reddit is an Incubator of Hate”. Being a frequent visitor to Reddit, I of course had to check out what the author had to say about one of my favorite social media sites.

Before I get started on the Buzzfeed article, there are some things to mention about Reddit first if you are not familiar with the site and the recent controversy behind it. Reddit is a community, it houses hundreds of smaller communities which are called “subreddits”. Like people, not every subreddit is politically correct, or even nice. There are plenty that are shocking or even downright offensive. The CEO of Reddit, Ellen Pao, has done her best recently to remove any subreddits that promote hate towards a group of people. The most recent subreddits that were shutdown had to do with shaming fat people and racism. Folks at Boraie Development have learned that these were shutdown due to users in these subreddits becoming abusive to other Redditors. As Pao said, she was shutting them down for their behaviors not their ideas. This is what the Buzzfeed author has a problem with.

In the Buzzfeed article, the author said that the “behavior, not ideas” stance is what is wrong with Reddit. While I definitely do not agree with many of these hateful subreddits that exist, last I checked the First Amendment covered them. Not only does Reddit house hateful subreddits, but they also host many that share uplifting news and help to support each other when it is needed. Maybe this author should dig a little deeper into Reddit before reporting about the controversy.

Join FreedomPop For Free Internet And Cell Phone Service

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The problem is, my Internet was not unlimited, and I was still paying over $70 a month after taxes. Even if I didn’t go up to my limit on the Internet, my service provider was still charging $70 a month. I got sick and tired of the high prices from my Internet provider, and I wanted to lower my cost. I didn’t see any way of getting out of the high Internet bill that I was paying until I was turned on to FreedomPop. FreedomPop has both Internet and cell phone services, and both services can be free of charge. It’s possible to get Internet in the home for free, and I can get wifi as well.

I chose to get the Internet plan that was free, and I was able to stay within the plan just fine. Not only did I save money by switching to FreedomPop, I also decided that I should try to use their cell phone service as well. The cell phone service was great, and I was able to switch my current phone to FreedomPop. I got unlimited voice, text, as well as some free data too. If I even wanted to change my plan, the cost was extremely low, and it costs a lot less than what other companies were charging.

Freedompop even has an international plan which allows calls to over 50 countries. It’s possible to get a very low cost phone plan. I’ve never seen a company have such low prices for cell phone and Internet services. The great thing about the cell phone plan is that there are possibilities for 4G LTE internet as well, and I can switch my current phone to the company. When it comes to hot spots, FreedomPop has several different options available, so now I can get Internet while I’m on the road too. I love FreedomPop’s services and prices.

Ubisoft Reveals ‘For Honor’

This year’s E3 press conference truly stunned millions of gamers around the world, and game developer Ubisoft had one of the best showings at the event. Sam Tabar has learned that the world famous company announced several new video games that will be coming to the Xbox one, Playstation 4, and PC later this year. However, a secret project was announced at the beginning of the Ubisoft press conference, and the secret game left everyone in awe.

In case you missed it, Ubisoft revealed a project called ‘For Honor,’ and a game demo was also showcased at the E3 event. ‘For Honor’ is a multiplayer hack and slash game, but it was far different than the normal game of this genre. In fact, it’s quite obvious that ‘For Honor’ will push the boundaries of multiplayer combat.

‘For Honor’ is a medieval game that allows players to fight against each other as legendary warriors. Players are split into teams of four, and they are able to choose between samurais, knights, and barbarians. Gamerant recently published an article about ‘For Honor,’ and a preview for the video game is included.

Ubisoft is truly an amazing company, and ‘For Honor’ will most likely be one of the best games of next year. Gamers around the world are very excited for the new title, but Ubisoft still has many other exciting titles. Games like ‘Rainbow six,’ ‘Assassin’s Creed’, and ‘Ghost Recon’ are already among the most wanted games of the next year.

The Power of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift vs. Apple seems like an unfair fight. Apple is a multi-billion corporation after all. Taylor Swift couldn’t be much of a match for this giant. That is what some people may have thought, but they were wrong. Apple decided to make some changes after the open letter that Taylor Swift posted.

The gripe that Swift had came from the Apple statement about not paying artists during the trial period for songs that were being streamed. They were trying to pass down this free web streaming commitment for a trial period to customers, but that also meant that Apple was not planning entertainers. Taylor went on to say that she thought this was horrible. She spoke up for musicians, and her voice was heard. Taylor Swift changed Apple’s tune, and it took someone like Taylor to do this.

She has a fan base that is undeniable. There is a Taylor Swift nation out there that is going to follow her lead. She has adults like Sam Tabar and teens like Nina Lee that are in love with her music. That makes it easy for her to speak on a subject and get a lot of buzz going about it. Taylor doesn’t really speak on anything unless she is passionate about it. That is why Apple had to yield. Apple may have the money to shut down lots other people, but Taylor is a force not to be reckoned with.

New Wearable Device

They are coming out with different kinds of wearable devises nowadays, and the newest one may just be the strangest one of them all.

A new wearable device may be able to prevent you from getting sunburned. The device would be worn as a bracelet or broach, and would deflect the sun’s light away from you stated the device’s founder on Linked In. It would save you from being burned out in the sun, and therefore, it would keep you healthier.
Would this be something that you would like to try? Do you think that it’s an amazing invention, or would you rather skip it?
If you’re afraid of being burned out in the sun on a regular basis then you might like how this product works. But, if you don’t spend much time in the sun then it might not be such a big deal to you. We’ll just have to see if this new wearable devise actually works, or not, and then we’ll have to see if it’s worth giving it a try.

Google to Pay Researchers for Bug Discovery

Google has announced that they will pay security researchers to look for bugs in the Android operating system. The program is open to everyone and has been named the “security rewards program”. The program was announced Monday in London.

According to Warrior Forum,  the Google is looking to lock down its system and make sure its the most secure on the market. Because of its open source nature, it is often thought to be more vulnerable to attack. The “bounty” program, as some tech experts are calling it, is open to security researchers and individuals with a tech background.

The company is beginning the program on Nexus 6 phones and Nexus 9 tablets that have been purchased through Google. Payouts start at $500 and go up to $8000 depending on the severity of the bug found. The company is wiling to pay up to $30,000 for the discovery of serious exploits that compromise the security of personal and financial information.

The program,while new, is not the first of its kind for Google. The company has offered a rewards program in the past for apps and other installed data.

Hackers Target Password Management Company

LastPass has announced that the application has been hacked, making the master passwords of thousands of users vulnerable.

According to official reports, the hack occurred on Friday. The group responsible was able to access the master database of the application, revealing the personal information of thousands of users, including their encrypted master passwords, e-mail address and saved data. Sam Tabar ( knows that hackers also have password reminder information, making it a breeze for them to reset the passwords of thousands of users.

According to the report, users are being urged to change their master passwords immediately, and to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity on their accounts.

There is no word on how this will effect Laspass and its user base in the long term. Such an enormous and important security breach could be problematic for the company, which has long ensured the utmost in security for users who feared hacks on their personal devices.

Lastpass was originally released in 2008. In 2009 the company was chosen as an Editor’s Choice for password management by PCMag, but the program fell out of favor by 2011 when its first security breach took place. The company climbed its way back up with new releases and additional features, but the 2015 breach could prove to be catastrophic for the company.

The Legacy Of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson took his first breath in Washington D.C. where his family lived at the time. Shortly thereafter, they moved to nearby Chevy Chase, Maryland. Levenson enjoyed a pleasant childhood there, growing up to be a capable and responsible young man. Attending night school at American University allowed him to pursue a law degree while working during the day as a journalist for the Washington Star.

His delve in to the world of journalism was the catalyst for the company called United Communications Group. It began when Levenson and Ed Peskowitz starting a newsletter titled Oil Express, concentrating solely on the oil industry. From those humble beginnings, United Communications Group has grown and diversified. Headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, their newsletters now include subjects like healthcare, telecommunications and mortgage banking. UCG also owns GasBuddy, helping folks find the cheapest gas in their area with a mobile app. Levenson and Peskowitz were inducted into the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame in 1997 for their accomplishments at United Communications Group.

Bruce Levenson is married to the former Karen Boyarsky and they have three sons together. Karen’s mother, Irene, is a Holocaust survivor who was taken from her home in Hungary and held prisoner in a concentration camp in Austria before finally finding freedom in the United States. During the time when Levenson was one of the owners of the Atlantic Hawks basketball team, he, Irene and Karen accompanied the team on a trip to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. That day the team gained a deeper understanding of a dark time in the history of our world.

Even as a young man just entering the business world, Bruce Levenson had a desire to help people. For many years, he and Karen have supported a number of projects that make life better for young people who are struggling to get an education. Together, they gave life to the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Management which is located at the University of Maryland. The goal of the center is to teach students how to take their passion for service and acquire the skills to make the most of it. The center provides students with classes and experiences that give them tools to become the philanthropic leaders of tomorrow.

When Bruce Levenson was a young Jewish boy, going to school in Maryland, he formed the character that helped him to become the person he is today, paying forward of his resources and time to make the world a better place.

Igor Cornelsen’s Success Story

Igor Cornelsen is a famous and well respected Brazilian stock market business man. Cornelsen is not only a champion investor but also has earned a reputation of giving great advice to starting businesses. His invaluable experiences includes guiding investors to be the most successful they can be. His invaluable advice includes telling investors to invest in the damaged stock instead of investing in the damaged company. The reason behind this is because there is more opportunity buying cheap damaged stocks because, in the long run, you can make money regardless.

Currently Cornelsen is working as the proprietor of Brainbridge Inv Inc. In addition he has held several ranking positions in several of Brazilian’s leading banks.

Igor Cornelsen has given the following advice to investors looking to immerse themselves in Brazilian business.

1) His first piece of advice is to connect with the natives. Brazilian investors and companies all rely on strong connections and relationships. Cornelsen states that finding connections in Brazil is not hard because each one of them is very friendly. Every Brazilian, being a Brazilian himself, is a social and welcoming person that makes no judgements upon meeting you.

2) Be prepared for the red tape upon entering the Brazilian market. Any investor should be prepared to enter Brazil with many regulations. There will be high taxes as well as an influencing bureaucracy. The Brazilian market is still currently developing and therefore is still very fragile. This is why there are so many regulations set forth with the intention of protecting the market. Cornelsen is honest when he explains that to get around the barriers is very difficult, however the payoff is extremely rewarding.

3) Another piece of advice offered by Cornelsen is for the potential investor to know about the foreign regulations. A potential investor must also understand that there are strict regulations concerning foreign currency transactions. If your business is non-residential, then you must find a bank that specializes and is authorized to deal in foreign exchange. This same method also applies in finding a way to hold local-currency. Be sure that when you are dealing with the Brazilian bank, you find the right rate for the right transactions at all times. Although this may sound complicated, Cornelsen states that it is very profitable in the long run.

With a long and exceptional career in investing, Igor Cornelsen is both extremely successful and respected among his peers in the business world.