The Amazing Field of Radiology

Since the turn of last century, those working in the field of medicine have been able to accomplish astonishing results for their patients. A field that once had little to offer patients other than a bit of help delivering a child or amputating a limb can now offer everything from vaccines to prevent disease to cures for many kinds of cancer. One of the greatest advances in medicine has been the ability that doctors now have to literally see inside of the human body. Through the use of radiology, doctors can take pictures that provide them with a detailed picture of most areas of the body and allow them to map out a solution to any problems they find that way.

The history of radiology began largely with the efforts of famed scientist Marie Curie. Curie and her husband Pierre Curie worked on the field of radioactivity. They discovered elements that could be used for various kinds of amazing purposes including providing power and helping to combat disease. Curie’s Nobel prize wining work helped lead to the development of sophisticated techniques that doctors can now use to diagnose and treat illness. Since her work at the turn of the last century, skilled medical practitioners have been able to push forward the field of radiology even more in order to help provide patients with images that are both safer and more accurate.

Modern day companies such as Imaging Advantage have helped patients, skilled, trained technicians and doctors connect in order to provide the best possible services in this field for their patients. They work with those who have chosen to enter this exciting field in order to help all concerned get access to technology that can provide life changing results. Companies such as Imaging Advantage help recruit top flight radiologists to make sure that patients can rest easy knowing that their scans will be read accurately and quickly by highly trained professionals. Such radiologists also work with other staffers to make sure that all those who turn to their services for help will be able to have the kind of scans that can help make sure any potential diagnosis is completely correct.

Radiologists rely on multiple forms of radiology and cloud technology to achieve the best result for any given patient. This includes the use of techniques such as radiographs, fluroscopy and CT imaging. Each kind of radiology allows the radiologist to provide an exact view of a specific body part of a patient that helps show where abnormalities may exist. Trained radiologists can also use techniques such as ultrasounds, magnetic resonance imaging and nuclear medicine to allow doctors to pinpoint the source of a problem and help figure out a potential solution that will allow them to overcome it. Such techniques have been proven to be both highly safe and extremely effective. New techniques on the horizon in this field are expected to help patients even more in the future.

Tech Companies Urge President Obama to Keep the Internet Secure

Some of the biggest tech companies in the world like Apple and Google have joined forces to show support for a secure internet. They drafted a letter to President Obama asking him to oppose the requirement for tech companies to install encryption backdoors in their software to allow authorities to access user information whenever they like.

Asking software companies to install backdoors in their software is completely ridiculous. Privacy is a basic human right that should be respected. Not only that, but backdoors would introduce serious security flaws in software that protects the personal information of individuals.

NewsVine writers were reporting that ever since whistleblower Edward Snowden exposed massive digital surveillance, tech companies have been introducing increased encryption to protect user data. The US government is the reason people need to protect themselves using encryption. Now lawmakers want to openly oppose encryption in the name of national security.

The NSA surveillance programs aren’t jus unethical; they’re also a major failure. They collect a mountain of information that is extremely difficult to sort through to find any real terrorist threats. Imposing on the privacy of every individual in the United States is no way to fight terror. Leaving backdoors in software is a shortsighted solution being introduced by the technologically inept.

InnerTube Set to Bring YouTube Back to Greatness

When it comes to streaming video, companies like Netflix, Hulu, and even SlingTV jump right into the minds of consumers everywhere. YouTube seems to get lost in the shuffle for a variety of reasons. Even though the brand virtually pioneered online video on a massive scale, difficulties in perfecting the experience to grow the company along with the Google Play services was difficult because of fundamental challenges to the underlying way the site worked.

According to Fast Company, YouTube has spent the last few years fixing the infrastructure of the network. A project, called InnerTube, has brought the different sharing and embedding techniques of the company together along with the massive social media and mobile sharing presence the service has. While all of that might seem like tech talk, what it really means is that YouTube is now capable of providing better functionality.

Christian Broda (cnnireport) understands that that functionality means that the company can finally focus on curating content to compete with the video streaming elite. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video on Demand, and more are now targets for a site that boasts over a billion viewers each month, and one hit show or series could propel YouTube further into video streaming dominance. Since YouTube features a different business model, that does not require a subscription, it relies on advertising for revenue. More viewers means more money, and now that the company has gotten every device on the same page, the competition had better be ready.

Google is Hiring a Doodler

Are you a “Doodler.” A creative, laid-back graphic designer with stellar skills. You may be a candidate for Google.

Google is hiring a new “Doodler” to take the official logo and incorporate amusing animated designs that commemorate special events.

Can you invent consistently clever creative ideas immersed in the official logo
Draw, illustrate and animate doodles
Manage complex projects in a fast-paced environment

Boraie Development LLC is amazed by this opportunity! The Google homepage is a window to the world that features whimsical illustrations, on display 24/7. Four years experience in a fine arts field, or a Bachelor’s degree, and a portfolio worthy of an interview could get your foot in the door.

A few memorable doodles were Nellie Bly, commemorating the journalist, and there was the Pony Express.

Even better, want some insider tips from a Googler Doodler? Sophia Foster-Dimino, an official Doodler offers a bevy of tips.

Google Hangouts Not as Secure as You Might Think

A revelation regarding the privacy of Google Hangouts was made during a recent Reddit AMA. A member of the ACLU recently used the AMA to grill Google regarding the privacy of their popular Hangouts app.

Mark Ahn is aware that Google’s documentation for the Hangouts app clearly states that your information will be secure through encryption. It was revealed during the AMA that the encryption only exists between Google and the computer accessing the Hangouts service. This means that your Hangouts are unencrypted when they get to Google’s server. This makes it possible for Google to access your private hangouts information.

If Google can access your private Hangouts data then so can authorities. Even if you use “off the record” mode your Hangouts are still stored somewhere on Google servers unencrypted. Any time a government entity wants to check up on you all they have to do is ask.

Just because your Hangouts can be wiretapped doesn’t mean they are. It’s actually very rare for Google to receive any requests for private user information. In transparency documentation Google revealed less than two dozen requests in 2013. However, it isn’t documented what the requests were actually for or why.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding online privacy. While the government may have access to your information it’s still extremely difficult for them to sort through all of the information they receive. You’re unlikely to be targeted for a wiretap unless you’re a terrorist or pedophile.

How the New Powerwall Tesla Batteries Work

Last week, Tesla Motors revealed an enthusiastic new product line – the Powerwall batteries. They are being developed to power homes and businesses.

According to Elon Musk, the founder of the company, these batteries will help change “the whole world’s energy infrastructure.”

How it works

Powerwall will pull their power from solar panels during the day, and store that energy, allowing homes to run off the powered batteries by night.

The batteries are composed of liquid lithium ion with thermal control according to Keith Mann. It’s a fully integrated system that connects to the internet, so that you can monitor energy use and share information with public utility services.

There will be two versions of powerwall: a 10 kW and one 7kWh. The first, according to Tesla, is intended for those who want to be able to maintain energy to the whole house if the power goes out. The 7kW, meanwhile, it is aimed at users who want to harness less energy for everyday activities, such as recharging the car.

The battery will hit the market sometime in summer and will cost $ 3,500 for the 10kW and $3,000 for the 7kW.

The powerwall comes with a 10 year warranty, available in various colors and Tesla is taking orders now.

Crypto-Ransomware Attacks on the Increase

Crypto-Ransomware is on the rise according to this article from
BuzzFeedNews. This is a type of malware which infects computers by way of email attachments. When an unsuspecting user clicks on a link, the malware is installed on the computer and encrypts the files. Then a message is displayed with instructions on how to pay a ransom to have the encryption removed. If the ransom is not paid within a specified time, the user’s files are lost forever.

Unlike a lot of earlier malware which was written to display a hacker’s ability, crypto-ransomware is distributed for profit. It is quite successful, because ransoms are kept low enough to be affordable. In a recent attack, a police department’s computers in Maine were unencrypted for $300.00. Mark Ahn ( has read that paying a professional service to break the encryption could easily cost much more than the ransom demands.

Ransomware technology has been around for decades but is making a strong comeback because of it ease of use and high profitability. Estimates of victims range as high as the millions and include private citizens, police departments, and businesses. The attacks are almost certain to continue into the foreseeable future because they are effective and highly profitable. One campaign earned $250,000.00 in one month.

Thieves Hold Computer Data for Ransom, Pay up or Lose Everything

As we become ever more dependent on technology, more crimes emerge to keep up with the times. The act of capturing computer data and holding it for ransom is something thieves using crypto-ransomware are doing, and they are getting away with it. Once the malware has control of your computer, you are locked out and unable to view or retrieve your files until a payment, usually required in bitcoin, is made. Payment is required within a specified time frame of a couple of hours to a couple of days. And if you don’t pay up, everything on your computer is forever lost.

This technology is not new, however, its use has grown more popular in recent years because it doesn’t take much computer savvy to use, is highly profitable and quite effective. Victims range from countless private individuals to entire police departments having had their files nabbed. Security researchers estimate that over 200,000 computers were infected in the first six months following the emergence of Cryptolocker ransomware in September 2013, and that’s just one variation of the virus.

Boraie Development LLC says the virus is typically introduced to your computer through an email attachment. Once you open the file, it’s over. Either pay the ransom, which averages around $300, or lose all those cherished family photos and important tax return files you have stored. The best advice to stop the hacking is not to pay up. If everyone refuses their demands, they will go away. But what about all my files you say? I have three words, backup, backup, backup.

New App Designed to Track the Trackers Called “No Such App” for Android

The competition between Apple and Android has become one of the most epic business battles of all time, and apps are a popular battle ground.Tech-savy folks at AnastasiaDate know that  Apple’s app store offers a more limited variety of apps than its Android competitor, Google play, but Apple apps are also rated only allowing the best of the best a spot in the Apple store. So, even thought here is a much more extensive selection of apps in Google play, some of those apps can track your data and even infect your device with malware.

In efforts to equal the playing ground, Luigi Vignery and a team of developers from Eurecom have designed an app for the Google play store that allows you to monitor the sites your device connects to. Google’s lack of publishing regulations for apps have led to a significant amount of Google apps that are tracking consumers without their knowledge, with some apps connecting users to known malware sites.

The app is not yet available, but it due for release in the near future. It is appropriately titled “No Such App” , a clever jab at the National Security Agency (NSA) who long propagated their surveillance efforts with a similar acronym, No Such Agency. This app will certainly help balance out the differences found between the quality of apps in Apple vs Android.

Bruce Levenson Still Going Strong

Bruce Levenson is the owner of Atlantic spirits, also known as Atlantic Hawks. Atlantic Hawks is an NBA basketball team. Bruce is also the co-founder of United communications Group (UCG). He founded the company 27 years ago, together with Mr. Ed Peskowitz. He has been involved in driving UCGs business strategy and in the firm’s acquisition efforts. Initially, Bruce had been a writer for Observer Publishing and the Washington star. He was a board member of the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association and has also been a director at

Mr. Levenson, who has an arts and a law degree from Washington University and American University respectively, is also a philanthropist and has been involved in a number of charity activities. He was also once the president of I Have Dream Foundation of Washington.

Bruce Levenson recently agreed to sell Atlantic Hawks to a group, led by billionaire Tony Ressler, for $850 million dollars. Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Sports had been hired to sell the company. They had initially valued it at one billion, a price most people thought was unrealistic. Bruce Levenson is set to make a profit on the sale anyway, although overpricing it may have deterred potential investors, who may have been willing to spend a little more.

Bruce Levenson was first to announce that he was selling his part of the company. The Washington group, which he leds, own 50.1 percent of the company. Several months later, the other owners announced that they were also selling their shares of the company. This is The Atlanta based group which owns 32.3 percent and the New York based group which owns 17.6 percent of the company.

Bruce Levenson and a couple of other people had bought the Hawks In 2004, for $250 million, in a deal that also included the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers and the operating rights to Philips Arena. They later sold the thrashers in 2011 for $170 million.