FreedomPop: The Next Big Thing For Your Phone

There have been times that I’ve found myself wondering: why do I pay for a cell phone data plan? Most often, I use my phone while it’s connected on wi-fi networks to keep from using my data plan. It’s a habit I’ve gotten so used to that I barely notice anymore. To keep from running up my data charges and avoid a fee, my phone is set to search and connect to find wi-fi networks to the point that if it doesn’t, I automatically worry that I may be running up data charges.

Because I’m constantly afraid of running up my plan, I don’t get to enjoy using my phone the way I would like. Streaming movies and TV shows on my phone feels like a luxury. If I want to navigate the internet or read the news, I make sure to email myself the link to read later, instead of relaxing and taking my time to read whenever I like.

I am not alone in feeling like this. Millions of people feel like this, and it’s time for a reprieve. It only seems natural then, that a company should provide a cell phone that only works with wi-fi. FreedomPop, the next big thing in cell phone carriers and service provider, offers such a phone.

FreedomPop is not a cellphone service provider. Instead, it’s a mobile virtual network operator or MVNO, that piggybacks off established networks like Sprint, providing subscribers service at a much lower price. This allows consumers to sign up for cheaper data plans through their service providers, knowing they have FreedomPop to serve as a backup.

Recently, FreedomPop has debuted a wi-fi data plan for $5 dollars a month. Though most people are used to free wi-fi, CEO Stephen Stokols is confident that a large number of FreedomPop’s projected 1 million customers will be interested in the service as a way to cut down on data costs.

For the cell phone user, this is incredible news. Even though you may not use FreedomPop (currently) it challenges large cellphone providers that lock you in for two year contracts at a higher rate. Based on the FreedomPop review I read, the company is poised to change how we buy and use cellphone plans. Who knows, some day worrying about data charges may be a thing of the past.

Elon Musk to Potentially Sell Tesla to Google

Elon Musk created the most popular line of electric vehicles in the world, known as Tesla. In fact, Tesla is so far advanced of all other companies regarding electric vehicles that he actually released all of the patents associated with his company in order to help other auto companies keep up. This might not sound like a smart financial move, but he did this because all the other companies were holding back the industry, making it more difficult to sell the vehicle, obtain parts and for drivers to afford insurance. Christian Broda has learned that the Tesla vehicles have the longest battery life of any vehicle, not to mention the vehicles also have substantially better performance features than other electric vehicles on the market, with one current model able to go from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds. Despite all of this, Elon Musk is considering selling Tesla to Google.

Tesla has faced an uphill battle in almost every state, as it bucks the trend of how auto companies work. Tesla has attempted to sell vehicles in shopping malls and at independent retailers, but many states that are heavily reliant on the auto industry (such as Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and other rust belt states) have prevented this sale and requires Tesla to sell through a dealership. All of this has made it difficult for Tesla to grow, which is why Elon Musk is considering the sale of the company to Google.

Renewable Energy to Win Out in the End

According to a report done by Bloomberg Business, renewable energy is in the process of overtaking, and will soon completely overtake fossil fuels. When tracking the amount of funds allocated for the growth of each respective industry, since 2013 renewable energy sources have been granted more funds than were granted to fossil fuel sectors. As such, greater funds allows for an increased presence, and the sheer electrical capacity of renewable sources of energy has crept above that of fossil fuels, with the rate only going to increase in the future. As the report states, the price of wind and solar power has been dropping fast, and will soon account for the majority of sources of energy.

One is often led to believe that these changes are inevitably for the better. Sultan Alhokair said that clean energy should surely entail a cleaner environment and a cleaner planet. And while it is likely that fossil fuel based pollution will experience a swift decline, that does not suggest that our climate change problems will be solved. As the article makes clear, if a requisite amount of money is not spent in order to more effectively mitigate or reverse the effects of climate change, the shift to renewable energy sources will not be enough. One would hope that renewable energy institutions stand true to their pledge to cleaning up the world, and not just ousting the existing energy tycoons for self profit.

Apple Announces WWDC 2015

Apple’s developer conference is coming. Cupertino announced its 2015 developers conference Tuesday. The annual even will be held on June 8th in San Francisco. If you can’t make it to California, the company also has plans to stream some of the sessions from the event online so they can be viewed remotely.

What should you expected at WWDC? The developers conference is typically where Apple shows off the next generation of its software platforms. That means we’ll likely see a new version of iOS, which powers the iPhone and iPad as well as a new version of OS X. Alexei Beltyukov said that the Apple Watch will officially be on people’s wrists come June, so expect Apple to talk about that as well.

Apple recently dropped the price of its current Apple TV, suggesting to many that company has plans to update its set top box in the near future. It could also be considering launching that long-rumored Apple televisions set.

Apple is notoriously secretive about its plans, so we’ll have to wait and see how things shake out with the developers conference gets underway in June!

The Exciting Technology of Visual Search

What is the definition of a visual search? This refers to a search of the visual environment for a defined object of interest. For example, you might be looking for a particular piece of furniture which is similar or identical to one you’ve seen and admired. You can snap a photo of this object and search for it on a tablet, smart phone or computer. The item of interest is the target, and the remaining objects are distractors. Visual search technology refers to the identification of an image and the search to find an identical or similar object with the intention to purchase it or utilize the information for a specific purpose.

A visual search engine utilizes photos or images to return visual information rather than a list of links and text. As our society becomes more demanding of instant gratification for information and product, a visual search is becoming a method of search that is swift.

Although visual search engines and visual searches are not limited to smart phones to perform their magic, these devices are the most common device used due to a camera being onboard. By having a camera incorporated into the device, an application can interact with the user to provide the search of the desired item.

The photo that is taken, when married with the visual search engine, utilizes an algorithm to determine whether the object is a match. Application programming interfaces (APIs) are the software connectors that work with the algorithm. These transportable apps employ visual search engines and include images to help the system recognize objects.

In addition to finding visual matches for the images that you snap, other uses for this technology include medical diagnosis and intelligence information. In the medical field, an image of an injury can help a remote physician understand how to treat that patient until they reach the hospital. Intelligence information can be gleaned through face recognition.

Slyce is an industry leader based in Toronto, Ontario and delivers visual search technology. This corporation provides top retailers with the software to enable their customers to photograph or scan an object and find what they want to purchase. They incorporate retail brands with web content to deliver an almost instant return of information. The customer can hover over web photographs and find the same article to purchase. This software provides a simple and effective way for an individual to get what they want.

Snip Snap, which is a division of Slyce Inc., is a mobile coupon application and provides customers with targeted mobile coupons. It has introduced a new platform, Coupon Author. This enables leading vendors to better serve their customers. It encourages more clicks and more purchases when customers access these mobile coupons.

Visual search technology will be ever more present in the future due to its speed, efficiency and ease of use. Some of the retail establishments using this technology are Neiman Marcus, Target Inc. and Inc.

Walking Aid In the Form of Exoskeleton

The life span is increased in the first world countries. But is the life quality of the elderly good enough? The engineers decided to contribute to a better life experience for the long-livers by building a simple and light exoskeleton, meant to help in walking.

While for most of us walking is no big deal, Facebook said even a younger person who has been on feet for a longer while would feel the pressure in the calf. The elastic ankle-exoskeleton diminishes the pressure on the area and reduces the amount of energy one needs to spend for walking. The device is aimed at the people who have had a stroke or have an affected limb. The exoskeleton is relatively inexpensive, but efficient. As the amount of energy spent for walking is reduced, and the calf muscle receives more support, the assistive device can gain popularity among the targeted audience. A good side is also that it is not powered with the help of electricity or batteries.

The Carnegie Mellon University researchers, together with the North Carolina State University contributors to this project said that they used the available knowledge of how the human organism functioned in order to develop the ankle-exoskeleton.

Companies Claim Damages from Adblock

Adblock and the users of this application are such a nuisance for Google, Amazon, Taboola and many others! The internet giants have to pay 30% of their add revenue to Eyeo, the app owners. As the possibilities have gone so far that video adds, banners, pop-ups are all blocked, the website owners notice a decrease in their adds revenues.

According to AnastasiaDate, Adblock has been downloaded for 300 million times. Although, Eyeo, the German company who owns Addblock claim that they only have around 50 million active users.either right or wrong, these numbers have made several companies are seeking damage repayments from Eyeo. Their reactions to all the blames were to express surprise at people taking Addblock as something so new and out of ordinary, as there had been discussions about it since 2011.

Besides that, the app owners say that there are some settings and the users can go from the most tolerant blocking options to the strictest ones, but not all the users configure the blocking options to the max. At least they make a good revenue from the sites that want to be on the ‘whitelist’, claiming at the same time that their purpose is to keep the internet free for everyone as it was at the beginning.

Apple Wants to Make Cars

Apple has won the market battle with the iPhones and iPads, but the time has come to extend the business. According to some information that has been recently released, the next step is to create the iCar. CEO Tim Cook has been approved to lead the project about a year ago. How does a company jump from making mobiles to building cars? They involve 1000 employees with studies in the domain according to Sultan Alhokair.

The iCars are to compete with Tesla and General Motors Co., which promised to release powerful and economic electric cars by 2017. Apple has scheduled the project for release in 2020. Their project has been called ‘Titan’ , and small pieces of information have been leaking about it, as Tesla complained that Apple was trying to ‘steal’ their engineers by offering increased payment. Nobody would be surprised if Apple were to release a new gadget, but jumping from the industry of mobiles and laptops to the car industry is surprising for many. According to some sources, the company has succeeded to attract Johann Jungwirth, former Mercedes-Benz employee, to help boost the activity of car manufacturing.

CEO Of Apple Is Donating His Fortune To Charity

We hear about wealthy people donating large sums of money to charity all the time. Some rich people would rather give their fortune away while they are alive, so they can see the impact money has on the world. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are good examples of how the super-rich become super-heroes while they live their mild manner, although extremely comfortable lives, in the spotlight.

Gianfrancesco Genoso says that Gates and Buffet have challenged other wealthy individuals to donate half of their fortunes to charity, and about 100 people have said they would. Michael Bloomberg and Mark Zuckerberg are on that list.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple says he wants to do the same thing. Well, he sort of wants to do the same thing. Cook will give his entire fortune to charity after his pays for his nephew’s college education. That means Tim will give more than $1 billion to charity if his earning power continues at the rate it is now. He earns $9.4 million a year at Apple, and he has $145 million in vested stock. But there’s another $536 million in stock to come if Apple keeps pumping out consumer products that are “must-haves” for people around the world.

The Most Frequent Mistakes that Sites Make

The constant bloopers made by website creators compelled Bradley Wint to write a list and a plea to the bloggers. In the list of ‘9 website trends that need to disappear’, the man poured out all his annoyance towards sites that black out the screen and force you to like their pages, those which allow automatic playing videos that can get you heart-attacks and sites that divide their content into slide-shows with 2 sentences per page.

Everyone has noticed them, but few take any steps to reach the website creators and actually let them know how annoying that is. The smaller mistakes, like filling the footer with every share button possible or creating websites with horizontal scroll bars, were included. Sometimes you don’t notice, but even subliminally we tend to rather quit scrolling than take the effort to deal with those intricate designs.

The ads that lead to sites like Taboola, Zergnet and Outbrain are both entertaining due to their thumbnails and annoying because they are always in the footer of articles that are in no way related to the topics they advise said Brad Reifler. Besides that, those articles are time-killers that never inform about anything new.

Finally, there is the long scroll down lists that make you lose patience when you need an older article. Bloggers often don’t even realize what a great part of their audience runs away because they follow a website trend that needs to disappear.