Andy Wirth Bounces Back from Skydiving Disaster to Lead Squaw Valley

Andy Wirth is a CEO with big time credentials as a nature enthusiast, thrill seeker, and all around athlete. He has run in various triathlete competitions, become an expert skier, and even found a passion for skydiving. That passion, as it turns out, nearly caused Wirth to lose his life. Andy was recently named Chairman for the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board and on that momentous occasion we decided to look back on how far the man has come.On a beautiful day in Lodi, California Andy Wirth and two friends went up into the air for a routine skydiving jump. The trio were all licensed and experienced divers who had made this same jump many times before. However, on this occasion something went wrong. The plane missed its drop zone and changing wind conditions further pushed the divers off course. While the other two divers made it to the ground safely, Andy was pushed off course and collided with a pole and telephone wires. His arm was immediately severed off and he was left hanging for nearly 20 minutes. Those 20 minutes would have killed anybody with less courage or ability.

Wirth immediately began to hum a song in order to offset the impending shock. While humming he kept his fist bunched and held under his wound, slowing down potential blood loss. The CEO of Squaw Valley Ski was eventually air lifted and saved. He would go under the knife 23 times in order to reattach his arm and he was back at work within 50 days of the terrifying incident. That sort of turnaround shows the kind of effort that Wirth puts into everything that he does.

Now as the chairman of the Airport Board, Wirth will look to guide the group forward into some new waters as they seek to help out the “gateway to Lake Tahoe”. Wirth has experience working with plane charters for his international resorts and he brings with him three other new members onto the board. His work history shows hallmarks of success so the future looks like it will be in good hands.

Trucept Inc. Making Gains Under Brian Bonar’s Leadership

Trucept Inc., formerly known as Smart-Tek, is a high-tech, security-based firm that delivers payroll, employee benefits and human resource administration. Trucept Inc. has a proven track record in Professional Employment Organization (PEO) and has helped business manage costs of the ever expanding HR services.

Trucept offers services tailored to meet the needs of small to mid-size companies. The company has a wide array of clients including financial service firms, business service firms, start-up companies and other professional services. Over 900 firms have trusted Trucept over the years with their high-quality products.

Brian Bonar, profiled by ModernLuxury, currently serves as CEO and CFO of Trucept. He received his undergraduate degree from Strathclyde University and his graduate degrees from Staffordshire University. Under Bonar’s leadership, Trucept has become one of the largest PEO firms in the U.S. Bonar has headed a number of companies both in the U.S. and abroad. He is considered one of the shining stars of the financial market.

Trucept Inc. is not a staffing firm, rather a company that offers a comprehensive array of services both individually and a la carte. The company literally helps companies free up funds so they can devote time to other important core interests. The streamlining process ensures that businesses no longer have to devote time to tracking payroll or hiring additional staff.

Trucept Inc. also offers additonal services including government complicance management, worker’s compensation, recruiting and hiring, policies and best practices and training and development. Another added benefit of using a PEO is that companies can be provided a great deal of guidance to all HR issues. While some companies are under the misconception that a PEO takes over all of the day to day operations, that is hardly the case. PEOs actually gives companies more time to work for your employees. They in turn will work for you.

AnastasiaDate Has The Hottest Russian Women

There are certain websites that are only meant for men of a certain age, but AnastasiaDate is not one of them. AnastasiaDate is open to any man that is interested in looking for a woman in Russia. Even older men join AnastasiaDate in order to look for love. AnastasiaDate makes it very simple for two people to meet each other, even though they may be in different parts of the world. The women on the website are in Russia, and the men are in the USA. The website brings both parties together, and anything is possible after they begin talking.

There are many men who have used the AnastasiaDate website so they can find love, and it ends up turning into something more serious. In certain cases, men have found marriage on the AnastasiaDate website, and it’s with the same woman they met through the website. There are few websites these days that can truly claim that marriage is the end result of the dating process on the website. AnastasiaDate strives to bring together two people that are interested in one another, and hopefully, marriage will result from the dating process.

Using the AnastasiaDate website is similar to regular dating. The two people meet each other on the website, they can continue talking through the website, and ultimately, they can choose to meet each other in the future if they want to. Many men who join the website, they choose one of the easiest ways to talk to women on the website, and that’s using the AnastasiaDate phone. The AnastasiaDate phone costs points, which can be purchased through the website. The points are used to purchase talk time, and the man can call and talk directly to the woman that he meets on AnastasiaDate website.

Other ways that a couple can speak with each other on the website is through video chat, or they could text each other back and forth if they want to. It’s easy to get to know somebody that a man meets on the AnastasiaDate website because the website has many different options. With all the options available on AnastasiaDate, there’s really no reason why a man shouldn’t be able to find a great woman. There’s no telling how far the meeting can go, especially if the couple talks with each other back and forth for a long period of time. Consider making a trip to AnastasiaDate to see what the website offers.

TV show Inspires FreedomPop Investment

The TV show Silicon Valley appears to be popular with executives working in the real life technology industry as Stephen Stokols, CEO of FreedomPop admitted the plot of the show had been an inspiration to himself. Stokols explained to Recode that he had been faced with the difficult decision of deciding whether to sell the mobile service provider in the early months of 2015 in the same way as the main characters in the TV show had similar problems. The decision not to part with the Pied Piper company in the fictional Silicon Valley eventually influenced the choice of Stokols and his executives to refuse the reported six bids for their company.

FreedomPop has been something of a revelation since its debut in 2012 as a data based wireless communications provider. The company has developed a unique business model where it offers customers a free basic data plan, which can be added to with extra data or premium services for a fee. The company hopes to reach one million customers by the end of the third quarter of 2015 and has received a significant boost in funding through a European based round of investments. The $30 million raised so far will be followed by another round of investing later in the year and will be used to extend the basic data plan levels for customers and improve customer service options.

Wikipedia Writing for Ordinary Users

In today’s world, the internet has rapidly become the first source that many people turn to when looking for information about any given topic. Many people hop online when they need to find out how to grow sunflower seeds, calculate how long it will take them to get from Austin, Texas to Baton Rouge, Louisiana or finish a homework assignment on Mary, Queen of Scots. Many different sources exist online to help people find the answers to the questions they have. One of the most widely used of such sources is known as Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is intended to be used as an online encyclopedia. What many people are not aware of is that the site happily welcomes contributions from wiki writers for hire. You need not be an expert to write pages for Wikipedia. What many people are not aware of as well is that such articles can be edited by people who are able to join the site and then make changes to many articles in order to help improve them. Writing and editing Wikipedia articles has many advantages for the writer and the reader. Those who choose to join this endeavor will often find that it is well worth the time they spend here.

Writing Wikipedia articles does not need to be complicated. The potential user needs only to register on the site with a valid email address. Once the user has registered at the site, they are able to begin writing and editing articles. Users are asked by the site to make sure that such articles adhere to the website’s guidelines. The guideline are intended to provide users with a style guildeline that allows all articles placed on the site to conform to a specific type that all readers can rely on when they are reading any given article on the site.

Before writing any article for the site, it is best to make sure and read all guidelines very carefully. All potential writers may wish to read at least ten existing Wikipedia articles in order to gain a feel for the style desired by the site. This includes guidelines about important aspects of writing any given article such as adhering to ethical guidelines intended to convey accurate information about the subject and the use of any embedded links that are created inside of the article. This is the best way to create an effective and ethical Wikipedia article.

What Exactly Makes CSC Profitable?

Computer Science Corporation provides users with top of the line quality computer service. Providing service in areas like web design, system integrations, outsourcing, IT applications, and a wide range of new ways to healing find solutions for businesses in the industry. They have taken the world by storm with how they have changed the way they handle business, provide solutions, and build businesses from the ground up. Their consultations and professional service have guided them to achieving massive growth over the years. Computer Science Corporation provides a unique service on helping businesses find their next form of communicating.

Being in the business for over 50 long years, they have been able to produce some serious growth. Because of their never ending platform, they strive to come up with new strategies to help their customers, shareholders, and every single person in their team to grow and achieve more in their business. They develop new forms of innovation every single day with new ideas, new growth, and new scalable offerings that can allow for you to get a new way of seeing more growth in your business.

Eric Pulier

Eric is a guy who knows all about the industry. With a skillset in computers and a strong understanding on how to use IT for the benefit of businesses, he has become one successful businessman in the industry. Eric is an executive chairman of the SOA Software Inc. Enterprise, and he has worked for some of the best financed companies in the industry. As a member of Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative and also a published author and professional public speaker, he has made massively fast paced changed in the industry.

What Exactly Makes CSC Profitable?

The one thing that has changed over the years is how CSC constantly comes up with new technologies to make it easier on their team and their employees as well. They come up with new ideas, hire new people, and redefine their business ideals quicker than usual. Their team of exceptional people have been able to find new growth solutions in all forms of business. They make it easier on companies to discover a solution for their problems. Despite their focus on IT, they can help on all facets of business.

They have a strong focus on diversity. They employ and work with people who have come from different backgrounds, different lives, and different locations. Every person who joins this ever expansive team must be highly skilled, filled with professionalism, and capable of helping provide quality services at a worthwhile price. With an openness to hiring people of all races, genders, sexual orientation, and of any lifestyle, they strive to hire only the best regardless of the exterior they may possess.

Did Sony Win E3?

This year’s E3 press conference was truly amazing. Gamers around the world were stunned by several of the new games that were announced. However, many people are still debating the winner of E3, but I have a feeling that Sony garnered more attention than Microsoft. recently posted an article about their winner of E3, and gamers might be a bit surprised.

Just so everyone knows, I am a fan of the PS4 and Xbox one. Both consoles are amazing in their own right, but the exclusive games for the PS4 blew me away this year. Fans like Zeca Oliveira know, for example, that ‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ looked absolutely amazing. Also, the E3 demo of ‘Uncharted 4′ was truly breathtaking, and who could forget the stunning reveal of the ‘Final Fantasy 7′ remake? However, it should be noted that ‘FF7′ is coming to the Xbox one as well, but PS4 users will be able to purchase it first.

Microsoft also held an amazing E3 press conference, and games like ‘Halo 5,’ and ‘Gears of War 4′ caught the attention of gamers worldwide. However, the PS4 seems to have better third-party support, and that cannot be denied. Bungie and Activision have partnered with Sony, and exclusive updates for ‘Destiny’ and ‘COD Black Ops 3′ have been promised for the PS4.

Microsoft and Sony have been at war for many years, but I feel that the PS4 may have edged out the Xbox one at this year’s E3 event. However, the war is not yet over, and future battles will soon take place. The true winners of the Console Wars are the gamers.

Shopping Image Recognition Tosses Conventional Shopping Practices Out of the Window

Once upon a time, nearly 90 percent of Americans were farmers. Those days are long gone, with just 2 percent of our workforce in the agricultural industry. You may think we’ve perfected the system of buying groceries with services available like grocery delivery services online and via apps, but the reality is that the majority of Americans still make lengthy trips to the grocery store or other retail establishments several times a month. This accounts for nearly 8 years of a woman’s life on average.

What accounts for the vast amount of hours we spend in a grocery store or clothing store? Is it long lines? Sluggish customers? Or could it be ourselves? Having choices is always a good things for customers, but there is a point when too many choices gets overwhelming. Take for instance that strange fruit you saw the other day but can’t remember its odd name. Or what about those killer shoes your friend was wearing the other day? Wouldn’t it be nice to just snap a picture and be told what it is and where you can find one?

They call this technology image recognition, and it looks to be the wave of the future for retail establishments. But how does a computer learn how to see? Huge databases in a nutshell. For example current European software can identify buildings with a simple picture. Once the picture is taken, the software will look through databases to find more information on the object viewed. This process could potentially reinvent the way we see things and are drawn to retail.

So who’s inventing this technology? Is it even useful? Slyce has quickly risen in this new field of image recognition technology and has made major progress in just a short time. This company developed their own unique image recognition tech and fine-tuned it to accurately find matches to a number of products. They’re currently working with 6 of 20 larger retailers in the States and have a number of apps for download to start your new shopping experience.

Since this technology is still relatively new, there’s a variety of directions this company can take. Will they broaden their reach over the retail environment? Stay tuned!

Google and Levi’s Creating Intelligent Clothing

What if your jeans turned techy with the ability to transmit, connect, and sense your surroundings. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group are putting a lot of creativity into techno-smart clothing.

Google, the Internet giant and Levi’s, the iconic clothing manufacturer are working together on the creation of a special fiber that ultimately becomes intelligent clothing.

The companies have entered into an agreement to make garments with a special fiber, similar to touch screen capabilities.

The Jacquard Project, a team working within Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) have developed a common interactive thread. “It’s touch fabric, composed of a network of conductive fibers that act as sensors, like the screens of mobile devices,”explained project leader, Ivan Poupyrev.

According to this article by Marcio Alaor BMG, wires are weaved into the fabric of the garment to create an interactive surface and the team also designed small electronic components, no bigger than a button on a jacket, which can be easily integrated into clothing.

The buttons also allow for connection of the circuits, and with a simple “touch” information is sent wirelessly.

One of the big challenges was to create an intelligent thread that could handle the obstacles of the clothes-making process, including high temperatures and multiple folding.

For now, neither company revealed details of what will be the first interactive garment, although jeans appear to be the likely candidate.

Commentary on an Opinion Piece: Reddit Is An Incubator Of Hate

Recently a Buzzfeed writer released an article that is titled “Reddit is an Incubator of Hate”. Being a frequent visitor to Reddit, I of course had to check out what the author had to say about one of my favorite social media sites.

Before I get started on the Buzzfeed article, there are some things to mention about Reddit first if you are not familiar with the site and the recent controversy behind it. Reddit is a community, it houses hundreds of smaller communities which are called “subreddits”. Like people, not every subreddit is politically correct, or even nice. There are plenty that are shocking or even downright offensive. The CEO of Reddit, Ellen Pao, has done her best recently to remove any subreddits that promote hate towards a group of people. The most recent subreddits that were shutdown had to do with shaming fat people and racism. Folks at Boraie Development have learned that these were shutdown due to users in these subreddits becoming abusive to other Redditors. As Pao said, she was shutting them down for their behaviors not their ideas. This is what the Buzzfeed author has a problem with.

In the Buzzfeed article, the author said that the “behavior, not ideas” stance is what is wrong with Reddit. While I definitely do not agree with many of these hateful subreddits that exist, last I checked the First Amendment covered them. Not only does Reddit house hateful subreddits, but they also host many that share uplifting news and help to support each other when it is needed. Maybe this author should dig a little deeper into Reddit before reporting about the controversy.